There are many people are living in a repetitive loop every day.
 Stressful, boring, hardly have the time for their own.
Every day is new. But every day, there are more unchanged things you have to do waiting there for you.
The giant machine is moving forward slowly, but we get old fast. 
She is also a sacrifice of the development.
Somebody says she’s dead inside. But sometimes sparks glowing in her heart.
Sometimes she wants to stop, 
she wants to destroy the giant machine. 
So she hopes every day. 
Finally, there is an earthquake! As she wished.
The car is out of control, and going off the road, she’s falling off the cliff.
No, this is not what she wants.
She wished to go back, but everything seems too late.
“Stop! stop! stop it!” she screamed.
Then everything’s frozen! As she wished.
The car is floating in the air. She stopped going down.
The car door is open, she got off the car. Surprisingly she finds she can stand on it.
The world becomes more wonderful than she thought, everything is turning colorful. 

So does she.

She walks around.
Everything they‘ve built is falling apart. 

the buildings around the city, 
the statues in the temples, 
the products for sale, 
the conversations in the office, 
the car they are driving…
The frozen world is not that fun as she thought.
She found she actually cannot change anything.
The things she wants to have still belongs to others.
Those people she wants to protect, still in danger.
The endless dialogs are still there.
The religion people believe, still connected to their heart.
But she’s still getting older, getting tired.
She went back to the place everything started.

She’s tired now.
She  lays down,
Then her body begins to sinking, begins to fade away.
Falling down…



                                                                      -THE END-

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